PRINCE DIABATE AND LINDA J. ALBERTANO, July 19, 2014 Motherland Music, Inglewood, CA

Featuring Bruno Coon on guitar

MOTHERLAND MUSIC     Sat. July 19th 8 PM
601 N. Eucalyptus Ave.
Inglewood, CA 90302
(310) 673-8000

PRINCE DIABATE is a direct descendent of the
Mandingo griots who are the oral historians, storytellers,
and living encyclopedias of West African Culture. Prince
Diabate has been recognized as one of the greatest
living virtuosos of the kora (West African Harp).

LINDA J. ALBERTANO is a musician and poet
who has travelled to Conakry, Guinea where
she studied kora, bolon, and n’goni (stringed
calabash instruments) with Prince Diabate and
masters of ancient musical traditions. She’s
accompanied him at the Getty Museum, the Sacred
Music Festival and other World Music venues
both grand and intimate for more than a decade.

Admission: $10    Park on Juniper near Eucalyptus

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