Press / Reviews

“Linda J. Albertano skeins surrealism and lyricism into eight pieces. The warped reality of David Lynch is an apt reference point, for Albertano’s university degree is in film making: vivid images splash colour into her tales. Lush language and carefully chosen aural bites cultivate texture in a world seeping with heat and saturated with history, a world unburdened by chronology.

“Sexual and political power relations form Albertano’s stomping ground. With satire and simile as her tools, she unravels scenarios, attempting to uncover their subtexts… A commentary that entertains and educates as it inquires.”

 				~ Juile Taraska, The Wire (UK)

“A genuine avant-garde cafe style… a riveting performance of monologues.”

  				~ Harol Norse, Poetry Flash

“Albertano is a musician, a storyteller, a displayer of props, a comically generated presence, a model of complex speaking methods, a performance artist whose work has been presented in Europe as well as America.”

  				~ Benjamin Weissman, Beyond Baroque