Celebration of Linda’s Life at Beyond Baroque on Saturday, April 13, 2024 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm

 Hear her poetry, see footage of her performances, see the winner of the Linda J. Albertano Scholarship and introduction of her new book of poetry!

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The 2020 International Virtual DADA Festival



Session 5: West Coast DADA Superstars Part 1

Tuesday, September 15 | 7PM PDT (10PM EDT)
Featuring: Youssef Alaoui (N. California) | Linda J Albertano (S California) | Mike Bruner (Nevada) | Carol Dorf (N California) | Rich Ferguson (S California) | SA Griffin (S California) | Mark Hoefer (S California) | Doug Knott (S California) | David R. Lincoln (New York) | Bibiana Padilla Maltos (S California) | Mike Mollett (S California) | Harry E Northup (S California) | Travis Richardson (S California) | Richard Stone (N California) | Neal Skooter Taylor (S California)
Facebook: bit.ly/Sept15-DadaFestFacebook-WestCoast (link available 5 days before event)
YouTube: bit.ly/Sept15-DadaFestYouTube-WestCoast



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Saturday, June 8, 2019 – LA di DADA 7

Saturday, June 8, 8-11 pm at Beyond Baroque

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June 9 – LAdiDA 2018 – Maintenant 12

June 9, 2018
Three Rooms Press presents another LAdiDA, the LA Dadafest at Beyond Baroque in Venice, featuring such LA DADA regulars as Linda J. Albertano, SA Griffin, and Neal “Scooter” Taylor.

Performances will be based on on their original works as featured in “Maintenant 12,” the international DADA Journal now in its twelfth year of publication.

MAINTENANT 12 features provocative cover art by MacArthur Fellow artist Nicole Eisenman. Inside, the work of nearly 200 artists and writers from six continents storms the pages.

This year’s theme is: We are all a “Like.”

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May 18, 2018 – Third Friday Salon at The Rapp Saloon

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From photographer Debbie Zeitman’s series on Venice artists…

LINDA J. ALBERTANO “I call myself a multi-disciplinarian because I love everything that is creative. I studied film at UCLA. I started as a singer/songwriter. And then got into performance art.” . In Venice for over 25 years, Linda moved to LA at age 19 from Colorado and took a job at Disneyland. “I wound up being the Space Girl there. She’s the Alice in Wonderland of Tomorrowland.” She also got to be in some Hollywood films, “just because I was tall” (6’4”) after being rejected for the exact same reason. . After graduating from UCLA Linda realized she didn’t want to work in the film industry. “So I went back to writing songs.” But she was told that her songs didn’t “fit the mold,” insinuating that she wouldn’t make it as a songwriter. Assorted musicians and singers disagreed, and Linda had success with artists like Linda Ronstadt, Taj Mahal, Carolyn Hester, and more recording her songs. Linda cites a quote from Cocteau : “Do what they hate. It’s you.” And she stayed on her path. . Soon Linda’s songs were no longer songs but evolved into spoken word. Friends did movement behind her. She projected slides and added other elements to her performances, and performed at assorted venues like the Lhasa Club in Hollywood, John Anson Ford Theatre, and LATC. . “At one point I was invited to go on tour with Alice Cooper. Two tours, for a year and a half, all through the US, Canada, and Great Britain. It was an incredible way to see the world, to see the US. We were on a bus and stopped everywhere.” . More and more Linda was asked to read her text in the company of poets. “It was a lot easier than bringing props, making costumes, films, slides, the things I was doing for performing.” She was invited and flown to the One World Poetry Festival with all expenses paid. “I was there with Wanda Coleman. She was my roommate. Exene was there representing LA. Dennis Cooper was there. And I thought, ‘Poetry. That’s where the big money is.’” She punctuates the thought with a smile. . Linda says she’s slowing down “in her dotage,” but still plans performances and stores props in the basement studio she shares with a publisher. #performanceart #poet #artiststudio #venicebeach

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EVENT: LA di DADA, Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017 – “Come as You Aren’t” to Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach for our 5th Annual LA di DADA Performance Salon and West Coast Launch for MAINTENANT 11, our newest DADA journal. Showtime’s 8pm –Gonna be a BLAST!

Historically, DADA was a response to the absurdity, the incompetence, the fatuousness and the disastrous failures of the so-called leadership of nations, institutions, political expertise and common convention that led to World War I. As the world dances on the edge of the much the same precipice today, DADA is once again relevant.

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Albertano holding forth

Albertano holding forth at the
“Woman Strong” reading at the
Studio City Library, May 27th
(in spite of her injured wing).

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Event: LA di DADA Saturday, June 23 :: A mind-blowing performance salon

Saturday, June 23, 2015 – Three Rooms Press and Beyond Baroque present…


[click to zoom]

Event page on Facebook

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Event: SEVERAL SELF-GESTAPOS: Beyond Baroque, Saturday, May 16th, 2015

We’re doing something quite unusual at Beyond Baroque
on Saturday, May 16th.

Steve Goldman has written a poem about five entities who
attempt to bully, woo or cajole him into the afterlife.

“That the poem shall come alive…”  he is directing
a theatrical version with a cast of stellar poets as the
creatures.  Laurel Ann Bogen, Brendan Constantine
and Michael C. Ford are among the luminaries
gracing his stage.

And here is where it gets quite interesting.  He’s asked me to
direct a second version of the SAME POEM on the SAME NIGHT.
The two iterations are WILDLY different!

This is my most ambitious project since I was commissioned by the
LA Theatre Center to mount an original full-length piece for a six-
performance run.  Starring Wanda Coleman, it included a ballerina,
artists, members of Keith Antar Mason’s “Hittite Empire” and a
30-piece marching band from Compton.

I hope you can come out to see us next week.  And, if not, have
a splendid time with whatever interest engages you!



a siren-song from the afterlife.

by Steve Goldman

One Theatrical Poem

Two Directorial Visions

in the same evening!

First: by author-poet Steve Goldman

Second: by performance artist Linda J. Albertano

Choreography: by Louise Reichlin

Featuring: Laurel Ann Bogen

Brendan Constantine

Michael C. Ford

Poets! Dancers!! Clowns!!!


Beyond Baroque Saturday, May 16th @ 8pm $10

students & seniors $6 / members free

681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 310-822-3006

BOXTOP: Beyond Baroque Experimental Theater of Poetry


Tickets: http://severalselfgestapos.eventbrite.com
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